About the Book

NEW: This Life – The Lance Sijan Story

By Stephen Miller & Janine Sijan Rozina

“This Life” explores the fullness of Lance’s life that has never been told before. Author Stephen Miller, (Web of Contradiction, A Path Once Taken, Distant Innocence) writes through the lens of Lance as we walk with him from his humble beginnings in Milwaukee WI to the challenges that awaited him in Vietnam . A nostalgic look at his early years in a time of innocence where kids were allowed to grow up in neighborhoods where everyone on your block knew your name and you played outside until the sun went down. We engage through Lance’s personal letters while away from home, his hurdles, his doubts, his triumphs, and his transformation from boy to man. We begin to understand his final choices by delving into life long relationships and experiences that prepared him for what was to become his ultimate challenge. Lance’s younger sister Janine helps the reader visualize through first hand experience what growing up in the Sijan family was like as she contributes broad brushstrokes of color to give texture and flavor to this powerful story. This is a book that explores courage, determination, integrity and honor as well as how the strength and commitment of one can affect so many.


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