About The Film

We have produced a feature length documentary exploring Lance’s life and legacy.

In 1976 the US Congress recognized Captain Lance P. Sijan with the Medal of Honor for  his actions in Vietnam that went above and beyond the call of duty. The award was  presented posthumously to his parents.

His family and friends recognize him for that and so much more. At twenty­-five years  old, in the prime of his life, Lance was listed as MIA for the next seven years. Not until  the war was over and the stories of his journey became known, did we come to  understand what he had endured.

While on a mission over Laos on November 9, 1967, 25 year old Lance Sijan ejected from his disabled aircraft to the jungle below. Despite suffering a skull fracture, a mangled right hand, and a double compound fracture to the left leg, he managed to evade capture for the next 45 days. Without food or water, and little chance for rescue, Lance dragged his body backward across the rugged terrain. Captured by the enemy on Christmas Day, he managed to overpower a guard and pull himself back out into the jungle. Recaptured just 4 hours later, Lance was interrogated and tortured by the enemy to which he replied, “I can’t tell you anything. It’s against the code”.

Lance died in a prison camp in North Vietnam on January 22, 1968.

“SIJAN” will reveal through interviews of eyewitnesses that cared for Lance the last month of his life, details that have never been told before. Historic archival footage will illustrate the pathos of the time as well as treasured family footage and documents that paint a broader stroke of Lance the artist, the athlete, the son, the brother and the friend.

This is a film that explores courage, determination, love and loss as well as how strength  and commitment of one can affect so many.

In a time when honor and integrity are fading from the public dialogue, and individual  pursuit and gain is attempting to replace family, commitment and community, this is a  story that must be told.