Heroes Behind the Hero

  • November 15, 2016

Dear Contributor,

Janine Sijan and I thought an update on Veterans Day is very appropriate. Over 300 contributors such as yourself have positioned us within 75% of our $100,000 funding goal.  

Earlier this month, we commenced preparation of our site at Milwaukee International Airport. This is a huge milestone in our commitment to preserve the legacy of Captain Lance Sijan MoH.

Janine is Pictured at the construction site reviewing the concrete pour. This snapshot encapsulates eight years of Janine’s selfless work with local contractors, airport executives, and governmental officials. Their contribution of time and materials has been vital to our success.

We are targeting Spring 2017 for the re-dedication of Lance’s F4-C Phantom. We’re planning quite the Team Sijan celebration and expect a growing list of dignitaries to attend. Of course, all of our contributors are invited. And don’t worry, we’ll provide plenty of advance notice of the dedication date.  

Janine and I have broken with a time honored fundraising tradition: we will not ask you for an additional contribution. However, as we complete our funding “bell lap” we will ask that you consider forwarding this correspondence/website (LanceSijanMoH.comto an Academy grad or colleague that similarly believes Lance’s legacy and honor must never be tarnished.

Your early support ensured our success. For that, we extend our sincere and deepest gratitude. Janine and I thank you. Lance salutes you!

Best personal regards,

Bradley Wendt

USAF Academy Class of 1977